Leona Paraminski is a movie, theatre and TV actress originally from Croatia. She has appeared in over 30 films and TV shows, mostly as a leading actress and is best known for “Winter in Rio”, “The Society of Jesus”, “The Party” and “Budva na pjenu od mora”.
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Leona Paraminski is a movie, theatre and TV actress originally from Croatia. She has appeared in over 30 films and TV shows, mostly as a leading actress and is best known for “Winter in Rio”, “The Society of Jesus”, “The Party” and “Budva na pjenu od mora”.

Her movies have been shown on more than 200 international film festivals and were awarded more than 30 times. For her appearances Leona has been awarded the best female actress award five times. She was awarded Golden Arena for best actress, the most significant film award in Croatia, for her appearance in the film “Winter in Rio”. She has also been awarded for her performances in “Vinkonakrovu” at FRKA film festival, and has won three international awards for her performance in “The Party” at Capalbio Cinema ISF 2010, La Normandeet le monde and Nice Short Film Festival C’est trop court 2010.

Leona frequently performed in theater, most often in leading roles that portray strong and powerful women. She collaborated, among others, with Oscar winner Jiri Menzel. She has appeared in a number of TV commercials, has worked as a TV host, did voiceovers both for commercials and films and has been very active in charity. She was also a member of jury in number of occasions including the Sarajevo Film Festival 2013.

Leona Paraminski moved to the States in 2015 where she continues to pursue her acting career, already appearing in two feature films in leading roles. She lives between Los Angeles, where she acts, and Santa Barbara, where she teaches “Acting for the camera” at Santa Barbara City College which is consistently ranked as one of the top community colleges in the nation.


Original title English title Year Role Director(s)
Interference Interference 2018 Leading role L. Di Franco
8 Winds 8 Winds 2017 Leading role D. Coplan
Racy business Racy business 2016 Leading role M. Osborne
Zbog tebe Because of you 2016 Leading role A. Jurkas
Vanishing Vanishing 2015 Leading role A. Jurkas
Nije sve u lovi 2013 Supporting role D. Pleic
Mezanin Mezanin 2011 Leading role D. Matanic
Tulum The Party 2009 Leading role D. Matanic
Pravo cudo True Miracle 2007 Supporting role L. Nola
Pod vedrim nebom 2005 Leading role S. Tribuson
Sex pice i krvoprolice 2004 Leading role Z. Juric; B. T. Matic; A. Nuic
Druzba Isusova The Society of Jesus 2004 Leading role S. Petranovic
Leti leti 2004 Leading role R. Orhel
Ispod crte 2003 Leading role P. Krelja
Dream Warrior Dream Warrior 2002 Supporting role Z. Weintraub
Prezimiti u Riu Winter in Rio 2002 Leading role D. Zmegac
Susa Drought 2002 Leading role D. Matanic
Polagana predaja 2001 Supporting role B. Gamulin
Nebo, sateliti Celestial Body 2001 Supporting role L. Nola
Vinko na krovu 2000 Leading role N. Slijepcevic
Cetverored 1999 Supporting role J. Sedlar
Bogorodica Madonna 1999 Supporting role N. Hitrec


Title Venue Year Role Director
Dead Man’s Cell Phone Jurkowitz Theatre 2015 Supporting role K. Laris
Filumena Marturano HNK Varazdin 2013 Supporting role S. Strelec
Za samo jedan dan HNK Varazdin 2012 Leading role R. Maurin
Majka i dijete HNK Varazdin 2012 Leading role D. Harjacek
Enciklopedija izgubljenog vremena HNK Varazdin 2011 Leading role S. Banovic
Ljubica HNK Varazdin 2010 Supporting role Z. Mesaric
Njarabum MSU, Eurokaz 2010 Leading role A. Maksic-Japundzic
Marija Stuart HNK Varazdin 2009 Leading role P. Selem
Park HNK Zagreb 2007 Leading role J. Szikora
Kaj sad? HNK Varazdin 2007 Leading role P. Vecek
Iznenada proslog ljeta HNK Varazdin 2006 Leading role S. Banovic
Hasanaginica HNK Zagreb 2006 Supporting role M. Nadarevic
Tango GK Gavella 2005 Leading role J. Juvancic
Liliom HNK Split 2004 Leading role L. Zappia
Kanibali Teatar &TD 2003 Supporting role M. Kovac
Don Juan ili ljubav prema geometriji HNK Zagreb 2002 Leading role L. Zappia
Gorke suze Petre Von Kant Teatar &TD 2000 Leading role D. Crnojevic-Caric
Nemocnik u pameti GK Komedija 1999 Supporting role J. Menzel


Original title English title Year Role Director(s)
Budva na pjenu od mora 2014/2015 Leading role M. Karadzic
Tajne 2013/2014 Leading role D. Pleic, G. Rukavina, T. Golic, I. Saric
Loza 2011 Leading role D. Pleic, G. Rukavina
Najbolje godine 2009/2010 Leading role M. Dizdar; K. Milic; R. Orhel; G. Rukavina
Zauvijek mlad 2009 Supporting role Sladjana Kilibarda
Dobre namjere 2007 Leading role M. Dizdar; T. Rukavina; S. Tomic; R. Orhel; Lj. Lasic
U lovi 2007 Supporting role R. Majetic
Obicni ljudi 2006 Supporting role B. Ivanda; N. Ivanda; R. Majetic
Mrtvi kutovi 2005 Supporting role A.Tardozzi
Osvajanja Ljudevita Posavca 2004 Leading role T. Radic



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Premio Stella di Capalbio XVII Capalbio Cinema International Short Film Festival, Best female protagonist, 2010.
Prix d’interprétation féminine La Normandie et le monde, Best Actress in a Leading Role for The Party, 2010.
Prix d’interpretation feminine Un festival c’est trop court, Best Actress in a Leading Role for The Party, 2010.
Golden Arena Pula Film Festival, Best Actress in a Leading Role for Winter in Rio, 2002.
Leading female role F.R.K.A., Best Actress in a Leading Role for Vinko na krovu, ADU Zagreb, 2001.
Cro-a-porter Award for style, 2004.
Croatia Fashion Oscar Best dressed actress, 2005.


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